Driver Coaching

I am a qualified and experienced driver coach for all levels, having coached young people (below legal driving age) to learner drivers, up to private track day enthusiasts. The vast majority of my work in this area at the moment is at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone and Silverstone Race School.

Qualifications I hold to do this work:

  • Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) since 2014
  • Soon to be ARDS Instructor (due in October 2018)
  • SDSA Approved in Low Friction Driving, Off Road Driving, Performance Driving
  • SDSA Approved Young Driver Work in Off Road Driving and Young Driving

Companies I have worked with both past and present:

  • Porsche Experience Centre
  • Silverstone Race School
  • Speed of Sight (Charity instructing blind and disabled drivers)
  • Top Gear Experience / Brandscape
  • Mercedes Benz World
  • Everyman Racing
  • Renault (Fusion)